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Pramet Tools

The Pramet Tools are serviceable as the optimum quality machining application tools. They are serviceable as the extremely cost effective solutions. Some of these have indexable cutting inserts, which enable them in slot milling as well as shoulder milling processes. The tools are provided with special geometry and innovative designs. Pramet Tools can offer extremely versatile machining works and work well will all types of milling. The said implements can execute the milling from face, chamfer and shoulder. The main task of these is to assist in the process of cutting, drilling, boring etc. Offered in different grades, these can fulfill the demands of precision, high quality and boosted productivity.

Product Image (GFML 2525M0413L)

Pramet Turning Tool Holder

Price: 13700 INR/Piece

Pramet D1 Turning Tool, GFML 2525 M 0413L 075052 Product Specification:- Brand Name : Pramet Item Weight : 0.70 kg Number Of Items : 1 Specifications : , b: 25, l1: 4, t: max.: 20, , f: 150N, d: GL07, , VBD_VRD: LCM. 0413.. Part Number Text : GFML 2525 M 0413L 075052 Cod Available : 295019 Sku Item Type : 295022 Sku Shipping Info : 295025


Tpkn 160 Pder:8230 Triangular Indexable Milling Insert

Price: 753 INR/Piece

Pramet 8230 16.5mm Triangular Indexable Milling Insert, 9.53mm Bore Diameter Specifications Still not found what you are looking for? Shape Triangular Bore Diameter 9.53mm Brand Pramet Side Length 16.5mm Height 3.18mm Grade 8230 Type Indexable

Product Image (LNGX120504FR-FA:HF7)

Lngx 120504 Fr-Fa:Hf7 12Mm Tectangular Indexable Insert

Price: 1530 INR/Piece

Pramet HF7 12mm Rectangular Indexable Milling Insert, 4.5mm Bore Diameter Pramet LNGX Milling Insert LNGX Milling Insert for use with ECON LN milling cutters. Specifications Still not found what you are looking for? Shape Rectangular Bore Diameter 4.5mm Brand Pramet Side Length 12mm Height 7.1mm Grade HF7 Type Indexable

Product Image (25A4RO42B25-SAD16E-C)

Square Shoulder Milling Cutter

Price: 15400 INR/Piece

Shoulder milling cutters The 90 tools with one row of indexable cutting inserts for slot milling and shoulder milling from small depth (from milling cutter diameter of 10 mm) to the area of heavy roughing (up to diameter of 260 mm) are placed into this section. Productive milling cutters for Al and Al alloy machining with PKD (polycrystalline diamond) cutting inserts are also a part of this section.

Product Image (25A2R042B25-SLN12-C)

Square Shoulder Milling Cutter

Price: 30000 INR/Piece

PRAMET ECON LN 90 Deg Square Shoulder & Slot Milling Cutter PRAMET ECON LN 90 Deg Square Shoulder & Slot Milling Cutter A cost effective solution for shoulder milling Highly positive insert geometry with 4 cutting edges Option of shank or bore styles Inserts available with corner radii ranging from 0.4 to 3.0mm

Product Image (M9325)

Pramet With Grade M9325 Indexable Milling Cutter

Price: 1170 INR/Piece

Pramet With Grade M9325 G1 Indexable Cutting Insert, Product Specification:- Brand Name : Pramet Grade : M9325 Number Of Items : 1 Part Number Text : SEEN 1504AFSN Feed Type : Feed per Tooth: min: 0.20 f max: 0.40 f Cod Available : 295019 Sku Item Type : 295022 Sku Shipping Info : 295025 Cutting Depth : min: 1.0 ap max: 9.0 ap

Product Image (32J2R60B)

Cylindrical Milling Cutter

Price: 60700 INR/Piece

cylindrical milling cutter The assortment of cylindrical milling cutters includes milling cutters for milling of deep shoulders and slots. The cylindrical milling cutters are determined for middle productive and productive milling machines. The milling cutters for milling of angular planes are also a part of the assortment of milling cutters. The adjustment angles correspond to the angles, which are most often used for weld preparation. Cylindrical milling cutters with soldered cutting edges are also available for finishing operations.


Indexable Cutting Insert

Price: 1520 INR/Piece

Indexable cutting inserts Beside the tools, the UP!GRADE milling solution assortment also contains a wide range of indexable cutting inserts. There are a lot of materials and geometries available. The new generation of UP!GRADE grades have been placed into the assortment. In the field of milling, these are the MT-CVD coatings M9315, M9325, M9340 and M5315. The MT-CVD line has been completed with indexable cutting inserts coated with the PVD method (M83xx line for copy milling; 82xx line for general milling).

Product Image (16NZRO27A16-SSD09)

PRAMET, 16N2R027A16-SSD09

Price: 17300 INR/Piece

PRAMET, 16N2R027A16-SSD09 Product Specification:- Brand Name : Pramet Item Weight : 0.40 kg Number Of Items : 1 Product Type : Valcova Specifications : D1:28dh6: 16, l: 27z: 2 Part Number Text : 16N2R027A16-SSD09 Cod Available : 295019 Sku Item Type :

Product Image (16K2RO35A16-SL C16-A,25K2R045A25SRC25-A)

Pramet Copy Milling Cutter

Price: 15400 INR/Piece

COPY MILLING CUTTER The copy milling cutters are tools with indexable cutting inserts with round cutting edges. It is either fully round cutting edge (indexable cutting inserts for toroid or ball nose milling cutters) or partially round cutting edge (from HFC milling cutters to radius versions of ADMX 11 and ADMX 16 indexable cutting inserts). The segment of copy milling cutters includes shell-type milling cutters, milling cutters with cylindrical clamping shank, Weldon-type chunk and modular (screw) milling cutters.

Product Image (CNMG 120408E-M T8330)

Pramet Indexable Lathe Tool Insert Cnmg 120408E-M T8330

Price: 896 INR/Piece

Pramet Indexable Lathe Tool Insert, 4.76mm x 12.9mm, Grade T8330 Pramet CNMG Insert SPECIFICATION;- Shape Diamond Length 12.9mm Bore Diameter 5.16mm Brand Pramet Height 4.76mm Grade T8330 Type Indexable

Product Image (ER-C-S )

Er Sealed Collet For Cylindrical Shank

Price: 600 INR/Piece

Er Sealed Collet METRIC & INCH sizes ER 11 through ER 40 ER coolant collets are designed for use with shank tools with no flats. Use of coolant collets with tools that are not cylindrical will result in coolant leakage. Only nominal size can be clamped Tested to 1000 PSI Small bores upto 3mm Available

Product Image (QTCC-3)

Quick Change Tap Adapter

Price: 15600 INR/Piece

QUICK CHANGE TAP ADAPTORS WITH CLUTCH ORDER NO D d l1 QTCC.03.110.090 72 48 41 QTCC.03.120.090 72 48 41 QTCC.03.140.110 72 48 41 QTCC.03.160.120 72 48 41 QTCC.03.180.145-M22* 72 48 41 QTCC.03.180.145-M24* 72 48 41 QTCC.03.200.160 72 48 41 QTCC.03.220.180 72 48 41 QTCC.03.250.200 72 48 41 QTCC.03.280.220 72 48 41

Product Image (VBMT 160408E-FM T9315)

VBMT160404E-FM T9325

Price: 1170 INR/Piece

VBMT160408E-FM T9315 Insert Pramet Positive insert - T9315 Grade - Single sided for turning and boring - Groups P,M and K

Product Image (HSK-A-TA)

Test arbors

Price: 15529 INR/Piece

TEST ARBORS HSK.63A.TA.40.346 HSK.100.TA.50.349

Product Image (AC-SC)

Adaptors With Cylindrical Shank-Shrink Fit Holder

Price: 13000 INR/Piece

ADAPTORS WITH CYLINDRICAL SHANK-SHRINK FIT HOLDER ODER NO AC.20-SC.03.150 AC.20-SC.04.150 AC.20 -SC.05.150 AC.20-SC.06.150 AC.20-SC.08.150 AC.20-SC.10.150 AC.20-SC.12.150

Product Image (HSK-A-BLANKS)

Boring bar blank HSK

Price: 5000 INR/Piece

Product information "Boring bar blank HSK All holders are made of forged steel Specific, low warpage hardened Surface hardened HRC 58~60 Hardening depth 0,8mm~0,9mm Taper angle tolerance < AT 3 according to DIN 2080 Surface roughness Ra < 0,4 m Tensile strength in the core of min. 800 N/mm after DIN All functional surfaces fine machined

Product Image (PS-7388)

Pull Stud Ps-7388

Price: 400 INR/Piece

pull stud ps-7388 order no m PS.7388.40.C.S M16 PS.7388.50.CS M24 PS.7388.40.5 M16 PS.7388.50.5 M24

Product Image (69871-SC)

Shrink Fit Holder

Price: 37800 INR/Piece

Shrink fit holder, DIN 69871 AD/B, PRAMET, 69871.40ADB-SC.20.080 69871.30AD-SC.03.080 69871.30AD-SC.04.080

Product Image (BT-CC-HKS)

BT-CC-HKS HIGH Performance Chuck

Price: 3000 INR/Piece

High Performance Chucks - HKS 69871-CC-HKS Product Details: Color Silver Material Steel Diameter 20-32 mm Runout Accuracy 0.003 mm

Product Image (69871-w-c)

Weldon End Mill Holders Coolant Channels

Price: 12000 INR/Piece

Weldon End Mill Holders Coolant Channels Max. Chucking Capacity 40 mm Holding Capacity (mm) 02.00 to 26.00 Material MS Our entity is providing a wide range of Weldon End Mill Holders Coolant Channels. Besides, we present this range to our clientele at nominal costs.

Product Image (69871-MT)

Holders For Morse Taper

Price: 2200 INR/Piece

Tool Holder Morse Taper Holder The morse taper holders, which are equipped with two clearance notches for coolant. Heat treated and hardened, these holders are precision ground concentrically and are known for the following advantages: precision ground morse taper morse taper pocket held to . 0002" accuracies for the best locking fit for the morse shank not for high speed

Product Image (BT-CC-ER)

Collet Chuck

Price: 8440 INR/Piece

Pramet 3.2 Kg Collet Chuck, 69871.50ADB-CC2 3290 Product Specification:- Range : 42055 Taper Size : 50 mm Brand Name : Pramet Item Weight : 3.2 Kg Number Of Items : 1 Product Type : ER32 Specifications : D1:50, A: 150 Part Number Text : 69871.50ADB-CC2

Product Image (69871-FMH4)

Holders For Disc Milling Cutter

Price: 20651 INR/Piece

Pramet Holder For Disc Milling Cutter Product Specification:- Taper Size : 40 mm, 50 mm Item Weight : 1.30 Kg, 1.30 kg, 1.90 Kg, 3.20 Kg, 3.60 kg, 4.50 kg, 6.40 Kg, 10.70 Kg, 1.50 kg, 2 Kg, 4.10 Kg, 4.55 Kg, 5.50 kg, 11 kg, 1.7 kg, 2.5 kg Specifications : D1:42, d1:27, A: 65, l1: 45.9, l3: 0-15, D1:48, d1:32, A: 90, l1: 70.9, l3: 0-24, D1:42,

Product Image (69871-DC)

Drill Chuck Holder

Price: 5000 INR/Piece

Drill Chuck Holders Material Stainless Steel Diameter 1-20 mm Accuracy Less than equal 0.03 mm

Product Image (69871.30AD/40AD/50AD-CC.OZ16/25/32.60/80/70/90/100)


Price: 1000.00 - 3000.00 INR/Piece

Collet Chuck, 69871-CC-OZ- Collet Chuck -OZ Material Alloy Steel Tensile Core Strength Min. 1200 N/mm2 Hardness 60+/-2 HRC Form: Deliivery in form AD, type B closed with releasable hadless screw Application: For mounting streight shank tool in collets

Product Image (69871.30AD-CC.ER16.70)


Price: 7650 INR/Piece

69871-CC-ER COLLET CHUCK SK 30,SK40,SK50 SIZE:-ER16 ER25,ER32 40,

Product Image (69871-CCM-ER)

69871-Ccm-Er Mini Collet Chuck

Price: 13800 INR/Piece

69871-ccm-er mini collet chuck code&size 69871.40ADB-CCM.ER11.055 69871.40ADB-CCM.ER11.100 69871.40ADB-CCM.ER.11.160 69871.40ADB-CCM.ER16.055 69871.40ADB-CCM.ER16.100 69871.40ADB-CCM.ER16.160

Product Image (C90SC/MULTISIDE SC)

Indexable Face Milling Cutter

Price: 40000 INR/Piece


Product Image (Pramet Boring Kit 8-12mm (+10x) CCMT 060204E-FM T9325)

Pramet Boring Bar

Price: 8600 INR/Piece

Pramet Boring Kit - 3x Boring Bars and Inserts Discripstion:- For internal turning of bors down to 11mm diameter Coolant feed to improve swarf management and surface finish All three bars take the same insert Suitable for a wide range of materials Whats Included 1x A08H-SCLCR 06 1x A10H-SCLCR 06 1x A12K-SCLCR 06 10x CCMT 060204E-FM T9325 inserts Only available while stocks last.

Product Image (SNGN 120404 T01020:TC100)

Pramet Sngn Cer Negatieve Draaiwisselplaat Sngn 120404 T01020:Tc100

Price: 1090 INR/Piece

PRAMET SNGN CER NEGATIEVE DRAAIWISSELPLAAT SNGN 120404 T01020:TC100 Artikelnummer: Y17014085 Artikelnummer leverancier: SNGN 120404 T01020:TC100 EAN artikel: 3603602908063 Leverancier: Dormer Pramet EAN leverancier: 7320189000000 Productgroep: Negatieve draaiwisselplaten Productsoort: Negatieve draaiwisselplaat Merk: Pramet Type: SNGN CER L: 12,7 mm D: 12,7 mm S: 4,76 mm Artikel ID: - Re: 0,4 mm F minimaal: 0,05 mm F maximaal: 0,19 mm Ap minimaal: 0,4 mm Ap maximaal: 6 mm

Product Image (VNGA 160404 T01020)

VNGA 160404 T01020 TC100

Price: 1600 INR/Piece

PRAMET VNGA CER NEGATIVE TURNING PLATE VNGA 160404 T01020: TC100 Product information Insert turn ceramic Negative diamond shaped 35 degree insert VNGA Delivery time 5 to 10 business days

Product Image (PSKNR 2020 K12N KT229)

Pramet PSKNR 2020 K20 KT 229

Price: 6800 INR/Piece

PRAMET PSKNR 2020 K 12 TURNING HOLDER EXT Item number WXW03396928 Brand PRAMET Mfr Part No PSKNR 2020 K 12

Product Image (XLCFN 3201 M 2.00 )

Pramet XLCFN Lathe Tool Holder for LFMX 2.00...Insert, LFMX 2.20...Insert

Price: 5700 INR/Piece

Pramet XLCFN Lathe Tool Holder for LFMX 2.00...Insert, LFMX 2.20...Insert Pramet XLCFN Turning Holder Parting & Grooving Blade For LCM Style Inserts For radial parting and grooving applications Available with single edge inserts for production of deeper grooves Back stop incorporated within insert for improved depth control Suitable for LFMX Inserts Turning Holders Breakdown of ISO Reference ISO Reference ISO REF: SCLCR2525M12

Product Image (PWLNR/L Lathe Tool Holder )

Pramet 95degree PWLNR/L LATHE Tool holder for WN....0804 INSERT

Price: 7000 INR/Piece

Pramet 95 PWLNR/L Lathe Tool Holder for WN.. 0804..Insert Brand Pramet Mfr Part No. A20Q-PWLNR 0604

Product Image (69871-cc-oz)

collet chuck

Price: 1000.00 - 3000.00/Piece

Material Alloy Steel Tensile Core Strength Min. 1200 N/mm2 Hardness 60+/-2 HRC Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number

Product Image (GFMR 2525 M 0416R)

Pramet D1 Tool Holder, GFMR 2525 M 0416R 170110

Price: 16700 INR/Piece

Product Specification:- Brand Name : Pramet Item Weight : 0.70 kg Number Of Items : 1 Specifications : b: 25, l1: 4, t: max.: 20, , f: 150N, d: GL07, VBD_VRD: LCM. 0416.. Part Number Text : GFMR 2525 M 0416R 170110 Cod Available : 295019 Sku Item Type : 295022 Sku Shipping Info : 295025

Product Image (D 8330)

Indexable Cutting Insert

Price: 761 INR/Piece

Pramet With Grade D8330 Q1 Indexable Cutting Insert

Product Image (69871-cc-oz)

Collet Chuck

Price: 4000 INR/Piece

Material Alloy Steel Tensile Core Strength Min. 1200 N/mm2 Hardness 60+/-2 HRC Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number

Product Image (068WTV)

Pramet TNMG Cutting Inserts

Price: 784 INR/Piece

Pramet TNMG Cutting Inserts Equilateral triangular shape 0 degree clearance angle 0.080.18mm tolerance 4.76mm or 3/16 thickness Symmetric & double sided

Product Image (69871-FMH)

Shell Mill Holder

Price: 10758 INR/Piece

ramet N1 Shell Mill Holder, BT.50ADB-FMH1 16100

Product Image (TN 16ER160ZZ T8330)

Pramet Grooving Insert

Price: 1810 INR/Piece

TN 16ER160ZZ T8330 Grooving Insert Pramet 1.60mm External Triangular Grooving Insert. Fits External Threading ToolHolders that take 16ER Inserts.

Product Image (LNGX 120504ER-F:M8330)

LNGX Milling Inserts

Price: 1430 INR/Piece

LNGX Milling Inserts Material Carbide Usage/Application milling Packing 10 insert 1 pocket Colour Black/yello Corner Radius Mm 0.4 - 1.6 Color Black/yello

Product Image (ET-05)

HNGX Inserts Cutting Tools

Price: 1500 INR/Piece

From the year of inauguration of our company; we are exporting and supplying supreme quality HNGX Inserts Cutting Tools. These are manufactured using premium quality materials by following the predefined industry norms. Our provided range covers all applications types within the areas of solid carbide drilling. These are used in many industries due to lower cost and ease of installation. These are designed to fulfill the demands of high quality, precision and maximum productivity so you can get the most out of your machining process. Moreover, we offer these HNGX Inserts Cutting Tools in a range of specifications at reasonable prices. Features:

Product Image (DWLNL 2525 M 08)

Turning WNMG Holder

Price: 7200 INR/Piece

Black Turning WNMG Holder Color Black Hardness 2500 to 4500 HV Length 150 mm Surface Treatment Black & Nikel Coating Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

Product Image (ET-07)

End Milling Cutters

Price: 1000.00 - 3000.00 INR/Piece
  • Delivery Time:2 Days
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Day
Product Image (ET-22)

U Drill

Price: 3000 INR/Piece

U Drill Color Silver Length 70-100 mm Material Stainless Steel Usage Drilling Machine Minimum Order Quantity 10 Number

Product Image (ET-19)

Threading Holder

Price: 1000.00 - 3000.00 INR/Piece
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:1 Week

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