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Komet Tools

The Komet Tools are applicable for various sort of multi-spindle tapping applications. They can be used with WES-WE adapters. Offered high-quality tools are designed for providing a rapid as well as simple adaptor change. The said tools are the impeccable choices for vehicles, integrated with injection engine or carburettor. Provided with index-able inserts, the Komet Tools ensure a robust structure with extended service life. These rust resistant tools are applicable for helical interpolation and assist in the production of threads. Proffered with longer tooling life, the adulators, chucks, cutters and others ensure easy handling and use. They are perfect for several machining works such as such as cutting, drilling, milling and high-feed applications.

Product Image (C84)

Pcd And Cvd -D Indexable Insert

Price: 1000 INR/Piece

PCD AND CVD-D INDEXABLE INSERT To make its varied range of tools with ultra-hard cutting materials even more productive, the KOMET GROUP is increasingly relying on modern laser systems for machining PCD and CVD-D indexable inserts with maximum precision.

Product Image (w83.13000.016 bk61)

Komet W83.32000 1561 Bk 61 Carbide Drilling Insert

Price: 7026 INR/Piece

Komet W83 32000.1561 BK61 Carbide Drilling Inserts StyleSOEXCorner Radius (mm)0.08Product CodeW83 32000.1561Coating MaterialCVD-TiC-Al2O3Insert Size32Coating TypeCVDInner Circumference (IC) (mm)9.52MaterialCarbideSub-brandW83..13 InsertsShapeSquareInner Circumference (IC) (in)0.375GradeBK61

Product Image (JEL TOMILL GWF GP)

Solid Carbide Milling Cutter

Price: 20000 INR/Piece

SOLID CARBIDE MILLING CUTTER / FACE / THREAD / DEBURRING Characteristics Construction: solid carbide Type: face, thread, deburring Other characteristics: high-precision, with cylindrical shank Diameter : Max.: 20 mm Min.: 0 mm Description The Komet Thread milling cutter GWF Tomill GP is a universal tool designed for maximum cutting speed and tool life. These spiral fluted solid carbide tools for spot facing, chamfering, and thread milling from 20.0mm diameter with a single tool, stand out for their high stability and smooth running feature.

Product Image (W80)

KOMET SOEX 050204 01 BK 8425

Price: 8500 INR/Piece

KOMET SOEX 050204 01 BK8425 combininhg an innovative design and the special geometry of their indexable insert.

Product Image (iso 12164-1)

Synchro tapping chuck with HSK-A adaptor iso 12164-1

Price: 10000 INR/Piece

Synchro tapping chuck with HSK-A adaptor ISO 12164-1 M4 M12 63 34 4,5 - 11,2 95,5 69,5 29-42 0,98 50795126002000 50795226002000 50795326002000 ER20 160 134 1,40 50796126002000 50796226002000 50796326002000 M4 M20 63 50 4,5 - 18 109 83 31-45 1,48 50795126003200 50795226003200 50795326003200 ER32 M4 M12 100 34 4,5 - 11,2 102 73 29-42 2,40 50795128002000 50795228002000 50795328002000 ER20 M8 M20 100 50 6 - 18 115,5 86,5 31-45 2,90 50795128003200 50795228003200 50795328003200 ER32

Product Image (komet JEL MKG)

Komet Thread Milling Tool With Deburring Edge

Price: 4000 INR/Piece

Thread milling tool with deburring edge During the thread-milling operation itself, theKOMETJELMKGthread milling cutter with deburring cutting edge removes the otherwise uncompleted part at the start of the thread without taking any extra time. This is particularly appreciated during work on hydraulic systems when, for reasons of maintenance, parts have to be fitted and removed relatively frequently. This uncompleted part is thereby prevented from becoming detached, entering the system and causing damage.

Product Image (DIN 6535 HA)


Price: 1000.00 - 3000.00 INR/Piece

Description KOMET DIHART is expanding its solid carbide reaming range with a completely overhauled universal reaming tool, available from stock in the main dimensions both with H7 tolerance and in 1/100 dimensions.

Product Image (KUB QUA)

KOMET U11 32223, 0.875", KUB Quatron, Cylindrical Shank Indexable Insert Drill,

Price: 34546 INR/Piece

KOMET U11 32223, 0.875", KUB Quatron, Cylindrical Shank Indexable Insert Drill, 2xD, 1.000 x 3.250" Shank KOMET KUB Quatron with its square inserts with four cutting edges on internal and external inserts, KOMET KUB Quatron guarantees maximum tool life, high stability and economy. Features: High stability and economy thanks to equipment with square indexable inserts High process reliability Optimum swarf removal Outstanding drilling quality without withdrawal scoring Maximum service life As Easy Special stepped tools with different indexable inserts Cost-effective stocking and easy handling thanks to identical internal and external indexable inserts

Product Image (kub k2)

Replaceable Head Drills For Very Small Diameters

Price: 5000 INR/Piece

Replaceable head drills for very small diameters The new replaceable head drill KOMET KUB K2 ensures simple and safe replacement of the double cutting, carbide drill heads, even in the machine. The replaceable head drill relies on the economy and flexibility advantages of replaceable cutters. The double-edged drill heads of hard metal are childs play to change thanks to the patented self-clamping and self-centring connection.

Product Image (w83.13000.016 bk61)


Price: 2955 INR/Piece

KOMET Carbide Drill Insert SOEX 050204-01 W83 13000.0161 BK61 (10 Pack) Part Number W83 13000.0161 Number of Items 1 Brand Name Komet Item Weight 2.0 ounces Manufacturer Grade BK61 Material carbide Size 50204 Style SOEX

Product Image (w30)

komet carbide turning insert w30

Price: 9000 INR/Piece

KOMET Carbide Turning Insert W30 14060.0261 BK1 Brand Komet Material Carbide Grade BK1 Product Number W30 14060.0261

Product Image (w29 42000.04 k10)

Komet indexable insert w29 42000.04 right left k10

Price: 1566 INR/Piece

komet indexable insert w29 42000.04 right left k10 UNISIX indexable insert WOEX K10 for turning For right-/left-handed external and internal turning and facing ISO name: W29 42000.04.. Rake angle: 12 Degree Thickness of indexable insert: 4.8 mm Knife edge length: 7.9 mm Radius: 0.4 mm

Product Image (woex 06t304-13bk 8425)

Komet Carbide Drill Insert Woex 06T304-13Bk 8425

Price: 1500 INR/Piece

KOMET Carbide Drill Insert WOEX 06T304-13 BK8425 Brand Komet Material Carbide Insert Style WOEX Insert Size 06T304 Grade BK8425 Product Number W29 34130.048425

Product Image (indexable milling cutter)

Indexable Milling Cutter

Price: 2000 INR/Piece

indexable milling insert Combining an innovative design and the special geometry of their indexable inserts, KOMET milling cutters make a distinctive difference when machining an extremely wide variety of different materials. Using more than 70 indexable inserts with different topographies, substrates and coatings, which can be combined with a variety of 60 basic body designs, KOMET provides a versatile, complete range of tools with which all types of milling from face, shoulder and chamfer milling to milling straight, 45-degree and T-slots; circular and plunge milling, inclined plunge milling, and even free-form milling can be mastered with optimum efficiency.

Product Image (H137E.104.060 )

Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Price: 2500 INR/Piece

tungsten-carbide cutter Komets new H137E.104.060 tungsten-carbide E-Cutter with staggered toothing addresses the need for precision and efficiency when applying the Locator technique for implant-retained overdentures. With a 6 mm diameter, the instrument can be employed as an alternative to ball-shaped burs to quickly create a perfect-sized open circle for placement of the Locator housing. The instruments high number of offset blades with specially engineered E-toothing facilitates ergonomic work while cutting acrylic as well as plaster and dental alloys. The cutter is also ideal for extraoral chairside applications and for use in the dental laboratory.

Product Image (5501105016)

Adaptor Claming Vibratin Dampened Fine Boring Bar

Price: 14446 INR/Piece

adaptor claming vibration dampened fine boring bar order dia dia D1 dia D2 L L1 M05 90200 6 31 - 16 - M05 90200 8 31 - 16 - M05 90220 10 31 46 15 25 M05 90230 12 31 46 15 25 M05 90240 16 31 46 20 30


Iso Indexable Insert

Price: 1000 INR/Piece

ISO INDEXABLE INSERT KOMET ISO indexable inserts offer users a full range for counterboring, precision drilling and turning operations. State-of-the-art, ultra-hard cutting tool material technology allows you to maximise the productivity of your insert seat. Try it for yourself.

Product Image (komet b30 14020 abs*50 ff70)

komet b30 14020 abs*50 ff70

Price: 37581 INR/Piece

KOMET micro-adjustable drilling head B301 158 mm Description Version: With ABS connection B301 and accepts M302 precision turning cartridge. The smallest adjustment is 0.002 mm on the using the vernier. Central coolant supply to the cutting edge. Application: For bores from 29.5 to 199 mm. For high precision setting, turning cartridge can be adjusted after clamping. Note: Please order the suitable precision cartridge No. 238310 (M302) and indexable inserts (see group 26) separately.

Product Image (komet shell end mill holder)

Shell End Mill

Price: 2000 INR/Piece

SHELL-END MILLING CUTTER / INDEXABLE INSERT / FACE / FOR CAST IRON Description If you would like to have a trustworthy step and face crushing of cast iron substances, then hi.aeQ arbor face milling cutter is an ideal choice as it is innovative in design and offers excellent performance. It features many high teeth and low cutting forces. The Q80 divergent indexable inserts employed are intended for offset-boring and crushing operations. Owing to a standing-lying array, every insert is designed with eight working cutting edges. The highly firm divergent indexable inserts, when pooled with the chosen cutting tool substances and coverings, offer a huge cost-effective benefit while milling cast iron substances. NEW Arbor is a face machining cutter with divergent indexable inserts through which you will be awarded high constancy for high engraving competence due to the application of divergent screw-fit Q80 indexable inserts. All the eight usable cutting edges are fixed in an alternatively standing and lying array due to indexable inserts. It consumes less current due to stumpy engraving forces and a low-shaking, silent milling feature lessens the loads of the spindle loads This idea assures very high process...

Product Image (SOLID DRILL)

Solid Carbide Spot Drill

Price: 5000 INR/Piece

SOLID CARBIDE SPOT DRILL For countersinking, deburring and centring NC spot drills are self-centring and thereby perfectly suited to pre-machining bores with exact positioning. The coordinated tip angle means that this tool can also be used for countersinking and deburring. VERSION Tip angle: 90 | 120 | 142 Shank shape: HA/HE

Product Image (F942 XH)

Ball Milling Cutter

Price: 1000 INR/Piece

BALL NOSE MILLING CUTTER / SOLID / FOR HARDENED STEEL / TAPER JEL F.KOMET JEL Solid carbide milling cutter The new solid carbide shank milling cutter range provides tools to meet all demands in the 3.0 - 25.0 mm diameter range. They are used in cast iron and steel materials; soft and hard machining (up to 65 HRC); and in mould and die making. The product range is completed with tools for aluminium and non-ferrous metal working. Benefits for you: Comprehensive standard range from stock High productivity due to the perfectly tuned grade profile and coating for all of the workpiece materials Original regrinding service and recoating service is guaranteed by a comprehensive network of professional KOMET SERVICE partnersLINE F942 XH

Product Image (DRILLMAX ALU)

High Perfomance Drill Specially Designed For Aluminium

Price: 700 INR/Piece

High-performance drills specially designed for aluminium SPECIFICATION:-The KOMET KUB Drillmax ALU is designed for machining aluminium and has optimised cutting edge and flute geometry. The drill is optimally centred and guided by the additional lands, which guarantees a high degree of alignment accuracy. The flutes have been additionally polished, which provides reliable chip removal from the hole.

Product Image (GMBH)

Indexable Insert Drill Bit/Multi Purpose/Carbide

Price: 30000 INR/Piece

INDEXABLE INSERT DRILL BIT / MULTI-PURPOSE / CARBIDE Description The KOMET KUB Pentron was developed for continuous solid drilling up to 6D, even in extreme machining situations which were previously only possible in 3D. This solid drill combines key features such as achievable accuracies, peak performance parameters and large drilling depths in one tool.KOMET KUB Pentron 26.0 mm available at Q1/2018 BENEFITS TO YOU Maximum performance and service life with outstanding drilling performance thanks to optimum main body stability and special surface treatment Excellent dimensional accuracy in extremely difficult drilling conditions up to 6DCost-effective stocking and easy handling thanks to identical internal and external indexable inserts Maximum tool edge life through four usable cutting edges of modern substrates with matching coatings Optimum swarf removal

Product Image (jelf344)

Spherical Cutter For Universal Use

Price: 5000 INR/Piece

spherical cutter for universal use Weight 0.39 lbs Dimensions 4.13 0.47 0.47 in Shank Diameter 12mm Overall Length 105mm Flutes 4 Flute Cutting Diameter 12mm Cutting Length 30mm Material To Be Cut General Metalworking Tool Type Endmill Units Metric Radius 6mm Tool Material Carbide Tool Style Spherical, Universal

Product Image (Q36 18000.01)


Price: 1500 INR/Piece

APKT 1003PDTR-RM Grade IC328 - Helimill Insert APKT 1003PDTR-RM Grade IC328 - Helimill Insert *Product images may differ from actual purchased item. FTS-EH5601371 APKT 1003PD(T) R-RM REINFORCED Technical Specifications: IC: .263 Radius: .019 Type: APKT Grade: IC328

Product Image (q40-kfm)

Face Mill Cutter Q40-Kfm

Price: 38782 INR/Piece

Q40-KFM face-milling cutter Highly positive and soft-cutting KOMET Q40-KFM face-milling cutter with a cutting depth up to 4 mm. Suitable for precision and medium machining. The high-performance cutting materials BK6130 and BK2735 increase productivity in steel and cast iron machining.

Product Image (Q36-ksm)

Shoulder/Slot Milling Cutter

Price: 1500 INR/Piece

hi.apQ shoulder/slot milling cutter A new generation of milling cutters for efficiently processing an extremely wide variety of tasks. The tools are equipped with highly positive APKT indexable inserts and are suitable for shoulder milling, trimming, grooving, inclined plunging and circular interpolation milling. Thanks to the wide range of the most varied main carriers, e.g. snap-on milling cutters, end milling cutters or screw-in cutters, virtually every machining situation can be mastered. Added to this is the large selection of cutting materials and coatings which increase your productivity.

Product Image (jel f.line f154 D)

End Milling Cutter HPC for Roughing

Price: 2500 INR/Piece

End milling cutter hpc for roughing Description KOMET JEL F.line F154 D HPC end milling cutterIdeal for: Structural steel/tool steel, grey cast ironAlso suitable for: Stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, high-temperature resistant steel, non-ferrous metalsSoft and hard machining up to 48 HRCCoating: AlCrNNumber of teeth: 4Shank: DIN 6535 HA, DIN 6535 HBDiameter: 320 mm

Product Image (Q55-KCM (1))

Copy milling cutter Q55-KCM

Price: 25000 INR/Piece

Q55-KCM copy-milling cutter The KOMET Q55-KCM copy-milling cutter is suitable for an extremely wide variety of milling tasks and allows for high feed rates combined with maximum stability. Thanks to the use of further indexable insert shapes such as Q43-SDMX, Q47-EOMT or Q55 circular inserts with wiper geometry on the same basic body, this milling cutter system is an all-rounder as far as machining options are concerned. The KOMET Q55-KCM can therefore be used for chamfer milling and equally well as a high feed-rate milling cutter. Tipped with circular wiper inserts, it ensures particularly good surface quality.

Product Image (FINE BORING BAR)

Fine Boring Tool

Price: 40000 INR/Piece

FINE BORING BAR The technically sophisticated product series KOMET MicroKom and KomTronic stand out for their particular performance capability and flexibility. They therefore come up to the highest requirements in terms of precision, concentricity and replacement accuracy. The modularity, a wide range of the latest cutting materials and high-performance coatings complete the series for all requirements in fine boring machining.

Product Image (0.6260 ABS 32KFK 1U1 16R U4 B0025650)

KOMET Indexable Boring Bar 0.6260 ABS 32 KFK 1UJ 16R U4 B0025650

Price: 20000 INR/Piece

KOMET Indexable Boring Bar 0.6260 ABS 32 KFK 1UJ 16R U4 B0025650 Brand Komet Toolholder Style ABS-KFK-UJ Minimum Bore Diameter 0.626" Hand of Holder Right Hand Maximum Bore Depth 2.283" Shank Diameter 32mm Insert Compatibility TOGX.090204 Coolant Through No Product Number B0025650

Product Image (ET-15)

Indexable Inserts

Price: 1500 INR/Piece

With the help of our team of technical professionals, we are involved in offering optimum quality Indexable Inserts. This range is designed for multi-spindle tapping applications and is used in conjunction with the WES-WE adaptors. The system is designed for rapid and easy adaptor change, which is automatically locked by insertion into the chuck. It is a perfect choice for vehicles with carburettor or injection engine. This is also commonly used on cutting tools and indexable inserts. In addition, this Indexable Inserts is widely demanded for its robust structure and long service life. Features: Easy to install Durable finish standards Rust resistance


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